Pittsburgh’s First and Only Provider of the World’s Leading Orthopedic Stem Cell Procedures

With more than 600+ procedures performed at our Pittsburgh location since 2013, Regenerative and Performance Specialists is proud to be Pennsylvania’s only Regenexx® Network Provider, offering the most advanced bone-marrow derived orthopedic stem cell procedures available. Regenexx openly publishes patient outcome data and is responsible for more than 30% of the published research on stem cell treatments for orthopedic conditions. Contact us and ask us why it’s better!


More than 43,370 Regenexx® Procedures have been performed since Regenexx pioneered orthopedic stem cell treatments in 2005. Regenexx Procedures are the most advanced orthopedic stem cell procedures in the world.


Improving Your Quality of Life Without Surgery

Regenerative and Performance Specialists is dedicated to fostering an environment of compassion and care designed for treatment and management of pain. The focus is to return patients to a functional lifestyle. Pain is individual and the treatment should be as well. We provide a comprehensive clinical approach for managing pain and improving the quality of your life.

We are now offering Regenexx Procedures, a family of non-surgical adult stem cell and blood platelet treatments for common injuries and degenerative joint conditions, such as osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis. These stem cell procedures utilize a patient’s own cells to help heal damaged tissues, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal disc, or bone. Contact us to learn more about the procedures, or complete our Regenexx Candidate Form to receive information by email, along with information about the candidacy process.

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Regenexx Stem Cell Protocol: The most advanced same-day orthopedic stem cell procedure available.


Regenexx Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma: A superior form of PRP. More pure and concentrated to produce better outcomes.


Regenexx PL-Disc: Utilize your own blood platelets to avoid back / disc surgery.


Advanced Imaging Guidance: Ensures the most precise placement of cells.

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