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1.Alienation from the family – Most mothers feel alienated because they usually eat something different

from the family since the family is not on a program or following a plan.

  1. No support – Diets, nutrition plans, and sometimes exercise are looked down upon from family and friends.

Since they don’t know the details of what you are doing, there tends to be what we call unconscious negative advice.

  1. Past failure mindset – Mothers and women in general research and experiment with multiple fitness

program out there. If they fail a few times they feel hopeless.

  1. I’ve done it all – Going back to the failure mindset, this is another huge pitfall with mothers who think they have done it all. Past failures have clouded their minds and diminish all hope that there are solutions out there like RAPS.
  2. Hormone imbalance – There is some validity here that hormones can be a big roadblock, but with proper exercise and balanced nutrition, hormones can become more balanced and in favor of a flat belly.
  3. Unfair that men lose weight easy – This is a big argument mothers bring up that their husbands or male friends have it easy to lose weight, and this is an irrelevant comparison that causes doubt. We know plenty of women that are in better shape and look better then men because they disregard the fact of men losing weight faster.
  4. Money – Let’s address this right now and upfront. We understand that some budgets are tighter then others, but it’s a scapegoat most women will use when it comes to their health. Watch your bank account grow when you eat in, preparing your own meals more often and skip the daily junk food, and add regular exercise.
  5. Time – Hands down mothers have the toughest jobs on the planet. But there are mothers out there rocking it with their health, and mothers who say I just don’t have the time because of children’s schedules, work, husbands, cleaning house, etc. Stop focusing on the time you don’t have and focus on the time you can create through a more organized and productive day.
  6. Injuries – Doesn’t seem like a big roadblock, but we often see mothers who won’t work out because of an injury, which then leads to poor nutrition because they are depressed and feel like crap. We’ve assisted many women nurse their old injuries and get back in the game. Once you get over the belief that you are damaged, then your life will turn back around.
  7. Age – Age is a number that scares most women because they feel time is ticking away fast before they lose their beauty and body. With all living things age does slow down results and the body breaks down if you let it. Take care of yourself now with balanced nutrition and proper exercise to keep the body strong and looking/ feeling great as we age. Solid, convincing evidence proved this myth wrong.


Below are the 10 Myths most women and others hold on to.

  1. Carbs make me fat – only if you combine simple carbs with fat or if you eat the wrong kinds at the wrong time. Our most successful clients eat anywhere between 33%-48% of their calories from carbs.
  2. Lifting weights makes me bulky – only if you took steroids and worked out like an animal :). The

amount of volume, time, and heavy weights a woman would need is so large that you wouldn’t have to

worry about getting bulky to  promote lean tissue in a fat burning state. Therefore, say hello to sexy, lean, and toned muscle!

  1. Time is limited – we all wish we had more time in the day to accomplish what seems like an endless to

do list. Listen, you have the most important job in the world and we congratulate you for taking on such a

powerful responsibility. But time is not what’s limited, it’s productivity. Productivity can be inefficient and

new strategies need to be put in place in order to take better care of yourself. Remember the more you

take care of yourself, the more you become for others around you.

  1. Protein shakes make you fat and bulky – This came from the bodybuilding world where women saw

these massive men on commercials or magazines and saw they were drinking protein shakes.

Therefore, it has been associated that protein equals fat and bulky. This couldn’t be further from the

truth. There are a ton of brands out there like the ones from that promote fat

loss, are low in sugar, carbs, and fat, and high in protein. So instead of having to eat more chicken, fish,

turkey or steak, these protein powders become a great savior for fat loss and also taste amazing!

  1. After childbirth your body is shot – There is a period of recovery your body has to go through, but it’s

like any other surgery or damage to the body. When it’s healed you are back on track to use your body

the way it was intended to. Depending on how much surgery was required if any, sometimes your body

may not look 100% as it used to, but you can come pretty damn close and look sexy. We’ve heard the

concerns before and we’ve heard mothers talking about tummy tucks, but it’s not necessary until you

have exhausted every solution. Plus, a tummy tuck may only solve a problem for a short period because

the nutritional and exercise habits are not in place yet to support the purpose of a tummy tuck.

  1. Restaurants make it impossible to eat healthy – Only if you allow it to. Society is in trouble and we

have created a culture of over-eating and bad habits when eating out. But with proper guidelines to

follow when out, at the end of the night you are in control. Remember restaurants are there to serve you. Ask for chicken and veggies, and a salad, be smart.

  1. Less calories = weight loss – Yes less calories does equal weight loss. Anyone looking to lose weight

has to be in a caloric deficit from their maintenance calorie intake, but… that doesn’t mean we crash our

calories way below. Women in general are very afraid to eat. It not about eating less its more of the right things.

  1. If I’m losing weight, I’m losing fat – Not always the case. If you Yo-Yo diet with your body or crash too far below, your body will go after its lean tissue in order to preserve the fat for emergency. Muscle is your metabolism, so the more this happens, the more you are in danger of a tough lifestyle of frustration.
  2. Long slow cardio burns the most fat – Yes it burns the most fat percentage when in the fat burning

zone, but it doesn’t necessarily burn more fat total. Interval training (periods of high intensity cardio

mixed with low intensity cardio) has been proven to burn more fat in a shorter period of time. It also has

shown to be safer on the joints, more efficient for a stronger heart, and cuts down your cardio time by at

least half if not more each session.

  1. Just a small piece of X won’t set me back –Be very careful of this. There is great research to show

that cheat meals work great for fat loss and that it keeps you sane to have the foods you love in your

eating plan. BUT…if it’s not strategically planned you could set yourself back big time and not realize it

until it’s too late and you go into frustration mode. Make sure to consult with your coach on how to make

this myth a reality without harming your results. People with addictions have a hard time with just one cheat, it turns to many and then the all or nothing mentality sets back in.


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