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Get Fit Quick

Revamp your workouts and nutrition to feel young again in just 8 weeks!
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When It Comes to Getting Lasting Results, We Have a Formula that Works for YOU

  • Lose weight quickly and permanently

  • Feel and look better

  • 8-weeks of meal plans and a free cookbook

  • Get back to doing what you love

  • Targeted functional strength training

  • Guaranteed results

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Here’s What You Get:

  • Best in the business personal training

You will get two 30-minute sessions per week with an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist in a top-notch training facility.

  • RAPSUniversity

You receive access to a comprehensive exercise and nutrition based video series. RAPSUniversity is stocked with multiple seminars led by Joel Baumgartner, an award-winning MD with extensive experience.

  • Cholesterol Test

For signing up we will give you a free test to determine total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, and blood sugar.

  • Nutrition counseling and metabolic test

As part of your consultation you will get a comprehensive metabolic test. This test determines your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn per day) and can indicate certain deficiencies that we can correct. We use these test results as a baseline for your nutrition/exercise plan.

  • Accountability:

Our 8 week program is the ultimate accountability tool. We will track your progress every step of the way and make sure you never miss a beat!

Program Summary

  • Our Get Fit Quick program is designed to achieve weight loss and increase functional strength in a wide range of areas. A sedentary lifestyle involving prolonged sitting leads to muscle weaknesses in specific muscle groups. Our Medical Fitness Specialist knows how to target these and get our patients moving optimally. Another consequence of being sedentary is increased weight gain. The program is designed to provide functional strengthening as well as weight loss to improve overall health and functional capability. The Medical Fitness Program is recognized as the best way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! Many traditional weight loss programs can accomplish short-term weight loss goals but fail during the long-term. Our program gives patients permanent results through continual education and accountability.

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*We will never sell your information or send you spam, we promise. We will send you more information about the challenge when you fill out the form, but there is no obligation to participate. Cost of the program is $320/month (value of $700+), includes 2 personal training sessions per week (total of eight sessions), a free functional movement screen, a free metabolic test, a free cholesterol test, and nutrition counseling to maximize your results. You can add additional 1 on 1 training at a 10% discounted rate.  If you have further questions please call (412) 963-6480 ext 18.

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